About Us


We deliver the technology services California government depends on


California government's technology partner and employer of choice

Guiding Principles

  • Communication - Listening and communicating openly, promptly and accurately to keep each other and customers informed.
  • Integrity - Being ethical, honest and trustworthy. Matching our actions with our words.
  • Respect - Treating others with respect and dignity. Understanding and valuing others.
  • Customer Service - Striving to exceed the expectations of external and internal customers.
  • Accountability - Taking responsibility for action and outcome. Following through to ensure work is completed in an effective and timely manner. Being reliable.
  • Leadership - Communicating expectations clearly and providing employees with the necessary tools and training to get the job done. Empowering staff and recognizing their accomplishments.
  • Enterprise Thinking - Working cooperatively to achieve our mission and making decisions that take the entire organization into consideration. Going out of our way to help each other reach our goals.

Executive Staff

The Office of Technology Services Executive staff.

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan identifies our major goals and the activities and direction to achieve them.

Public Records

Public records in the possession of the California Department of Technology, which are not exempt from disclosure under the Public Records Act, are available for public inspection according to specific procedures.

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(916) 464-4311

P.O. Box 1810
Rancho Cordova, CA