Customer Resources

The Office of Technology Services (OTech) provides customers with quality, cost-effective information technology and telecommunications solutions. Our valued customers include various state, county, federal and local government entities throughout the State of California. We offer the following resources:

Customer Service

Our website features many online customer service tools, providing an easy, interactive way to conduct business with OTech.

Statewide Telecommunications and Network Division

The Statewide Telecommunications and Network Division (STND) assists state and local government agencies in effectively utilizing the state voice and data networks. STND is committed to help customers meet their business needs by staying connected to the best available rates, services, and equipment.

Training & Education Center

The Training & Event Center provides excellent low-cost information technology training courses to state, federal, and local government agencies. We also provide classroom and conference room rentals.

Security Awareness

OTech maintains the highest level of security at our facilities. Protection of our customers' data is of primary importance.

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